AMC 10/12 Thursday Jan 30 at Eldorado HS Lecture Hall

We are happy to offer AMC 10/12 testing to our members free of charge! Thank you to Mr Mark Piccione, head of Mathematics Division at Eldorado High School for agreeing to offer and proctor the test on Thursday Jan 30. The test will take place in the EHS Lecture Hall during second period (8:20-10:00 AM). Please have your student at EHS no later than 8:20 AM. AMC 10/12 is a fun, fast-paced, 25 question, 75 minute timed test that provides an opportunity for advanced students to practice test-taking skills in a no-strings-attached environment. There is no pass or fail. There are no penalties for guessing. The problems look like real-life problems and most students have a hard time finishing all

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