APS Gifted Screening Process - UPDATE

As some of you are aware, a couple of months ago, there was a communication from APS Special Education department about changes in the APS gifted screening / identification process. We have had several conversations with Lucinda Sanchez (assistant superintendent for special education) and her team to clarify and understand these "changes". (NMAG and AAGTS have been working on this together).

The bottom line is there really are NO CHANGES to the current process / policy.

Our understanding of the current gifted screening / identification process is as follows:

  • Parents or teachers can recommend a student for gifted screening. The first step is to schedule them for a CoGAT test. If the student scores high enough (top 2%), then they will be recommended for additional testing (Torrance and MAP testing - creativity and achievement components).

  • The only change is that APS is requesting additional test scores from standardized test scores to supplement the student's "packet of evidence" for screening. The standardized test scores are NOT A REQUIREMENT OR PRE-REQUISITE for testing! (this was the miscommunication).

  • According to APS Special Ed Department, the changes that were sent out were incorrect and a new communication should be coming from their office to the gifted teachers and SAT chairs shortly.

When we met with Lucinda and her team, we were very impressed by their openness and willingness to discuss issues and share information. They wanted us to convey to the teachers and the parents that they are willing to discuss any concerns or questions that you have and that you should feel free to contact them directly.

As always, you can reach out to AAGTS with information or questions, etc. We will continue to work w/ the APS team to clarify some other concerns that come up in the past. They have assured us that are working with the GAC to discuss proposed changes to policies and guidelines if they arise.

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