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AAGTS Membership Benefits
For just $25 per family per year, gain access to a year-round journey of exploration, learning, and support. ]

  • Information about local events, clubs, conferences, and opportunities

  • The opportunity to learn and network with other parents and educators struggling with the same parenting and educational issues

  • Help in learning how you can be an effective advocate for your child or student.

  • Kids' meetups at which kids can learn and play with their peers

  • The opportunity to learn from nationally recognized speakers at the annual AAGTS conference regarding current research and trends in gifted education (members receive a discount)

  • Membership meetings on topics of current interest to parents and educators of gifted students

  • Access to above-grade testing and other academic opportunities

  • The opportunity to have an impact on improving educational opportunities for all gifted students through AAGTS’ local, state, and national advocacy efforts

  • Updates on legislative agendas related to gifted students, programs, and funding

Did you know? ... AAGTS Offers A Free AAGTS Membership to Gifted Teachers and School Employees.

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