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Gifted Ed Resources


NM Public Education Department and Albuquerque Public Schools Resources

External Organizations

Sites and Readings about Giftedness

2018 AAGTS Conference

2017 AAGTS Conference

2015 AAGTS Conference


Robin Ingram Resources

The following files are from the Feb. 24th 2022 Seminar on 504 and IEP guidelines and lots of great information and links to a variety of resources.

Educational and Summer Programs

The following programs support education, offering summer programs and above-grade-level testing such as PSAT 8/9, PSAT, ACT, SAT.


Talent Search Programs

Academic and Math Camps (with Prerequisites or Competitive)



Math Curriculum and Teaching Websites


Funding Sources

Funding sources for gifted education

Jacob Javits Grant​: Federal grant supporting “evidence based efforts to identify gifted and talented students and meet their educational needs."

Funding for individual students


  • The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation sponsors 3 different scholarships:

    1. The Young Scholars Program : up to 50 young scholars with financial need, currently in 7th grade, are selected for individualized academic and financial support for school, summer programs, internships and other enrichment opportunities.

    2. The College Scholarship Program:  40 need-based scholarships will be selected for funding up to 4 years of undergraduate studies for high achieving high school seniors.

    3. The Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship: makes it possible for up to 45 top community college students to complete their bachelor’s degrees by transferring to a selective 4-year college.

  • The Davidson Institute

  • The NAGC sponsors the Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Awards program: an award of $500 may be made in each state for a recipient in grade 3-6 at the time of nomination, for outstanding student accomplishment in one or more areas: academic, visual/performing arts, or leadership. The information on the award:

  • The Caroline Bradley Scholarship: a merit-based, four year high school scholarship. Applications due in 7th grade.

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