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Albuquerque Association for 
Gifted and Talented Students

is a nonprofit organization of parents and educators dedicated to identifying and maximizing the potential of gifted and talented children in the state of New Mexico.

Monday, September 18th 6:30pm, AAGTS General Board Meeting.  Parents of gifted  kids and gifted teachers invited to the virtual board meeting of AAGTS to find out what Albuquerque Association for Gifted and Talented Students is all about. We don't always do hands on science together. Sometimes we go hiking with a scientist, play board games and eat pizza, go to after hours STEAM events at the museum, see a private screening at the planetarium together, etc.  AAGTS pays for parents to get professional advice for our gifted kids.  We do virtual Parent Chit Chats where parents share ideas and resources.  Come be a part of this and help decide how the money is spent, what events we sponsor, and be part of the fun.  Our kids need us.  ​ AAGTS does not require formal recognition of gifted status from APS or any school organization. Gifted kids need to be with their intellectual peers and parents of gifted kids need other parents too. Email to get your invitation to this opportunity (virtual). Use the subject line SEPTEMBER18.


IEP Parent Workshops 

  • Session 1Thurs, Sep 21| 6:30 PM


*** Join Zoom Meeting : Session 1 ***

Meeting ID: 815 6823 2896
Passcode: 540275

  • Session 2: Thurs, Oct 12| 6:30 PM

Email to get the link.

Use IEP HELP in the subject line.

Both of these will be led by an IEP Senior Specialist, Debbie Christy, M.A., who is very effective.  


There are two different dates and they will not be a repeat of each other, so plan to attend both or either one.  You will be treated to 45 minutes of excellent advice and then a Question/Answer session where you're invited to ask specific or general questions.  


Each workshop begins promptly at 6:30 pm. Feel free to sign on 5 minutes early, but we start right at 6:30.  At 8:00 pm we plan to end the Question/Answer session.  

BONUS... you can email in your questions in advance. Email them to info@AAGTS.orgUse IEP QUESTION in the subject line. 


Email to RSVP and get the zoom link.  Use IEP HELP in the subject line of your email. No need to dress up, we are all parents in our own living rooms. 

About IEP Senior Specialist

Debbie Christy, M.A.


Hello families of gifted kids!

My name is Debbie Christy. I have been an IEP Specialist for the past 20 years now.  Before becoming an IEP Specialist, I worked at three middle schools in various job roles as a Special Educator. I have taught as a B, C, and D level teacher as well as done inclusion. I was also a Head Special Education Teacher.

I really love what I do as an IEP Specialist. I had retired several years ago and came back. It's important to me, as an IEP Specialist, to help with the understanding and facilitation of IEPs in order to make the best decisions for students. One of the best parts of the job for me is when parents feel they have had meaningful participation in their child's IEP and that they leave the table with a good understanding of the IEP process.


Communication and follow-up are an important part of this process.

I am very interested in working with others (you all) in order to help with a better understanding of the IEP process.I am also very interested in helping others (you all) to feel comfortable in asking questions and with working to find answers to those questions.


Debbie Christy, M.A.

IEP Specialist

Albuquerque Public Schools

Your support of AAGTS is critical in furthering the education of gifted students in New Mexico. Become a member and help AAGTS help you. As an AAGTS member, you'll also be a member of our state organization, The New Mexico Association for the Gifted (NMAG) because AAGTS is an NMAG regional affiliate.    

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